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Terms & Conditions

Please read before using this website.

1. Acceptance of General Terms and Conditions

1.1 The following are the general conditions in force, updated in August 2017, which are intended to regulate the terms and conditions governing the provision of the online store service between the company Scalésia, Lda, hereinafter referred to as Scalésia and the User and /or Client.
1.2 By accessing and using this website, the User admits to having read and understood these terms and that he will comply with all applicable rules. If the User does not agree with these terms, please do not use this Website.

1.3 The order/purchase of any product in the Scalésia online store implies acceptance of these general online ordering/sales conditions.
1.4 Any and all alcoholic beverages available for sale in the Scalésia online store can only be purchased by persons who are of legal age, according to the law in force in Angola.

2. Product Information, Prices and Contents

2.1 Scalésia reserves the right to modify, without prior notice and at any time, the information and commercial offer presented on:
a) Products, prices, promotions, commercial conditions and services.
2.2 The images that illustrate each product on the website may differ from the product subsequently delivered, and these same products are also subject to stock outages.

2.3 Some products may have an inaccurate price, which is why Scalésia checks prices whenever it processes orders. Consequently, the prices shown are merely indicative and do not constitute a contractual proposal.

3. Order and Payment

3.1 After confirming the order placed on the Scalésia website, an email will be sent to the contact address registered on the same by the customer when formalizing it, with all the details about delivery, payment information, products and values.
a) Scalésia suggests that all customers confirm their details. If the customer does not receive the order confirmation email, he is requested to contact Scalésia through the contacts published on the website.

3.2 If any of the details given by the customer in the order are wrong and/or the customer wishes to change any information, the customer is requested to contact Scalésia as soon as possible so that the change requested by the customer can be made internally.
3.3 The formalization of the order alone does not constitute a reservation of the products. All orders will only be processed after the effective commitment of the payment method.

3.4 If an order cannot be fulfilled in part or in full, the customer will be immediately contacted by Scalésia in order to find the most appropriate solution.
3.5 All orders placed through the Scalésia website have a maximum payment agreement period of 3 days. After this period, the order will be automatically cancelled.

3.6 Orders may be canceled when expressly requested by the customer through one of Scalésia's contacts, before the orders are dispatched. After confirming the shipment of the order, the customer is asked to contact Scalésia so that, together with him, the most appropriate solution can be found.
3.7 Once your order has been placed through the Scalésia online store, payments are accepted via transfer via Multicaixa, or bank transfer to one of the Scalésia bank accounts, both with proof of receipt, or via a portable Multicaixa Terminal, or cash, at delivery act.

3.8 The status of orders on Scalésia is comprised of 3 phases: Pending, In Process and Completed. There is also another one of an exceptional nature: Em Espera.
a) Pending – Awaiting confirmation of the payment method in the Scalésia system;
b) In Processing – Phase in which the payment method is agreed with the customer, and the order is in processing and/or packaging/preparation;

c) Finished – The order has already been shipped and/or delivered.
d) Waiting – Waiting for additional confirmations with the customer to proceed with the order.

4. Shipping costs

4.1. To the prices shown on the products, the respective postage value is added to each order, which are calculated based on the sum of two factors:
4.1.1. Packing cost and shipping cost.

  1. 4.2.   The cost of packaging for each bottle is 250 AKZ.

  2. 4.3.   The transport cost has a fixed amount that depends on the destination zone for delivery of the order – Zone 1

(City Center of Luanda): 2,000 AKZ; Zone 2 (Luanda Sul and downtown surroundings): 3,500 AKZ.
4.4. This postage value will be broken down when the invoice is sent to the customer. It should be noted that these values may change without prior notice.

5. Shipping and Delivery/Collection at the Scalésia address

5.1 At present, Scalésia's sales and delivery services are limited to the City of Luanda, in the Province of Luanda.
5.2 In general, an order on Scalésia takes time to be delivered:

  1. a)  48 hours in Zone 1 of the city during the week and weekend;

  2. b)  Between 24 and 48 hours in Zone 2 of the city only during the weekend, for orders submitted by

5.3 All products shipped by Scalésia must be checked upon delivery. If the customer finds that the order is damaged, he must return it immediately, duly justifying the reason for the return. 5.4 If, after delivery, the customer verifies that any of the items are not in conformity, he is requested to contact Scalésia immediately through the e-mail, indicating the order number, attaching images of the package as received and of all items, so that the process of investigating the occurrence is opened internally and in this way the situation can be resolved as soon as possible.

5.5 Most deliveries are made at a time to be agreed with the customer at the shipping address indicated by the customer when submitting the order.
5.6 Before submitting the order, if the customer wishes to pick it up at Scalésia's address, thus eliminating postage costs, he must select the shipping option ''Pick up at address''

a) Only the person whose name is described on the order form will be authorized to pick up the order, unless the person informs Scalésia in advance that another person (identifying the name) will pick up the order. b) Orders for pick-up at a Scalésia address, customers are notified via email when they are available for collection.

c) When going to Scalésia's physical facilities, the customer must carry the order confirmation/number, ensuring that he has received our notification of confirmation of order available for collection, and thus avoid unnecessary travel.

6. Returns

6.1 Scalésia recognizes that all its customers have the right to terminate the contracts they have entered into with it, allowing them to return, within a period of 15 (fifteen) days, the products purchased.
6.2 To request an exchange or return, the customer is requested to contact Scalésia via the email, indicating the order number or the number of the document that accompanied the order, taking into account the conditions described below in the following topics:

a) To return the order, the product must be in perfect condition, and where appropriate with its original packaging, accessories or promotional offers included, and accompanied by proof of purchase or invoice.
b) The return of defective products and mistaken shipments will be admitted, Scalésia being responsible for the collection costs whenever the customer communicates this circumstance within a period of 5 (five) days from the date of receipt of the product.

c) Once the goods are received at our facilities and after validation of the condition of the same, the value will be refunded according to the payment method made by the customer, or another solution previously agreed with the same .
6.3 Scalésia assumes responsibility arising from defects in the origin or raw material of the product purchased and if this is confirmed by the specialized team at Scalésia, the product will be exchanged or returned at no cost to the customer.

6.4 Scalésia will not accept the return of the product after it has been used, or if it has been altered or modified. 6.5 Scalésia is not responsible for deficiencies resulting from incorrect use, negligence, poor storage conditions or causes of force majeure.

7. Applicable Law

7.1 All orders and purchases made on the Scalésia website are subject to Angolan legislation. Any conflict or divergence of interpretation of the general online sales conditions will be submitted to the competent authorities.
7.3 These general online sales conditions can be changed without prior notice, and should therefore be consulted before placing any order.

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